Employee Informational Webinars and Retirement Seminars  2018


New dates for Employee Informational Webinars and Retirement Seminars have been posted to the Division of Pensions & Benefits Website. Sessions are offered through live online webinars hosted by GoToMeeting. Retirement and DCRP Employee Seminars are provided through a choice of Classroom Sessions and live online Webinars.

Available topics include:

Solving MBOS Login Issues

 PERS and TPAF Retirement Estimates

 PERS and TPAF Pension Options

 Reviewing a Sample Retirement Application for PERS or TPAF members

Reviewing a Sample Retirement Application for PFRS members

Understanding Your Pension Benefits for PERS or TPAF members

Overview for Employees in the DCRP

Retirement Planning Seminars for PERS and TPAF members 

Retirement Planning Seminars for PFRS members

Space is limited! Register today!

To see a full description of all topics, available seminar/webinar dates and/or locations, or to register, please visit our website at: www.nj.gov/treasury/pensions/  and click on the appropriate link under “Counseling and Training.”