Deb Horn                       President

Maria Hinrischsen      PV Vice President

Katie Mahaffey             PH Vice President

 Al Cann                           Treasurer


Pascack Hills High School

Elise Burns                       Science, Guidance, and SAC

Shereen Bloom               Special Education, FACS, Nurse, & Media Specialist

Social Studies and World Language

Katie Mahaffey                Physical Education, Trainer, & Business

Charlene Schwartzman      Math, Art, Music, & Technology Education

English, Speech, and Child Study Team


Pascack Valley High School

Tom Gallione              Physical Education, Health, Guidance, Wellness, Music, Trainer

Teri Del Giudice         World Language, English

Russ Grier                   Special Education, Special Services

Will Lynch                  FACS, Math

Amy Lombardo         Social Studies, Business, Nurse

Matt Will                    Art, Science, Technology Education






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